Our Approach

As clinical psychologists we specialise in the assessment and treatment of psychological difficulties. These may include anything from dealing with stress, relationship difficulties or adjusting to life-stage transitions, to severe depression or eating disorders.

Utlising our expertise in scientifically validated therapeutic approaches we work collaboratively with our clients to develop an individualised treatment plan to achieve their goals. We strive to provide a warm and friendly environment where our clients feel safe and comfortable.

Our therapists have extensive experience in the following evidence-based approaches:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT focuses on changing unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviour patterns that are causing distress and developing new and more helpful coping strategies to improve quality of life. CBT has been extensively researched and is the gold-standard treatment for many psychological difficulties in adults, adolescents and children.

To learn more about CBT click here.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

The goal of ACT is to maximise potential for a full and meaningful life by accepting what is out of our personal control and cultivating vitality through living mindfully and committing to actions that are consistent with our values.

To download a non-technical article that gives a basic overview of ACT click here.


Mindfulness is an ancient practice that is now scientifically validated and embraced by Western psychology for a range of difficulties. Mindfulness is the state of conscious awareness to our here-and-now experience without judgment, to appreciate the fullness of each moment of life to increase life satisfaction. Mindfulness skills can be cultivated in many ways and not only through meditation.

To download a simple, non-technical article on “Mindfulness Without Meditation” click here.

To download a Mindfulness app for iPhones from iTunes click here.

Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy is used with adults to address longstanding dysfunctional beliefs and behavior patterns developed early in life that are repeated over life. This approach is effective for complex and entrenched psychological difficulties and explores both current problems clients are experiencing, as well as the historical sources of these difficulties. The therapist and client work together to build a supportive and trusting therapeutic relationship in order to create a safe environment for therapy to take place.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

DBT uses cognitive and behavioural strategies to improve the regulation of emotions and the management of distress in adolescents and adult. It integrates Western and Eastern approaches and places an emphasis on acceptance and change.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is used with younger children who are struggling with emotional and behavioural difficulties. The therapist uses toys, games and art to engage the child and to help them safely express, explore and make sense of their challenges to bring about growth and development.

Services are provided in accordance with the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Charter for Clients.


Please note, at myLife Psychologists we do not not specialise in:

  • Providing reports for court, academic exemption or for insurance purposes;
  • Emergency or crisis management.

If you are in crisis please contact Lifeline on 131 114 or your local Hospital.