Your Local Psychologists Near Surry Hills

myLife Psychologists are a team of experienced and caring clinicians who excel in improving the quality of life for anyone in Surry Hills who needs some guidance to reach their best.

When faced with a struggle or trauma, it can be difficult to see solutions or know what to do. An experienced professional is the best person to turn to for the support and guidance you need to see genuine change, free of crippling emotions like anxiety and fear.

At myLife Psychologists, we have carefully chosen our qualified clinicians to be specialised across a wide range of psychology fields so that we get right to the heart of your challenge and assist you in rising above it. We only use trusted and clinically proven methods such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and mindfulness, which all teach you internationally recognised techniques you can use yourself to calm your emotions, improve your confidence and decision making and get you unstuck from the loops and ruts that have you trapped.

How to reach My Life Psychologists from Surry Hills

Alexandria Office

Suite 28, 112 McEvoy Street Alexandria


Our office is located only three kilometres from Surry Hills, in the Expo complex Alexandria. If driving you can reach us in under ten minutes in usual traffic conditions.

If taking public transport from Surry Hills you can train from Central to Green Square (five minutes) then walk around 10 minutes to the ‘Expo’ complex.

You can also catch the route 355 and 308 “Marrickville Metro” buses which run from Surry Hills to McEvoy Street. From there it is a short walk to myLife Psychology.

Driving is as easy as heading down Elizabeth St or Botany Rd until you reach McEvoy, then turn right onto McEvoy Street and continue to the Expo complex at the corner of Fountain Street.

You’ll find plenty of street parking around the centre or you can pay $3 an hour at 21 Fountain street if you prefer.

The fastest way to find our suite is through the car park entrance located next to the Sub-Station Cafe.

Who We Help

The dedicated team at myLife Psychologists are experienced and qualified to provide understanding and support to a wide range of people in the Surry Hills area. Our approach is flexible to adapt to the needs of all our clients including:


All children and all families are unique. When something isn’t working it can sometimes be hard for parents to find the answer. Leave it to our specially trained team at myLife Psychologists to get to the heart of childhood behavioural problems, be it in the classroom, socialising or at home. We can draw on our extensive knowledge and training to give you the understanding and techniques to overcome the issues your child is facing with care and proven techniques.


Young adults can find themselves in a world of stress, from fitting in and pleasing peers and deciding their future to dealing with family issues of discipline, divorce or extended family changes. They don’t need to go through these changes lost in uncertainty and self-doubt. Our supportive clinicians are specifically trained to assist adolescence in overcoming their issues, equipping them with lifelong skills for now and in adulthood.


Individuals come to us for so many different reasons. Some have anxiety around food, others around socialising and meeting people, some have difficulty moving on after a loss or are suffering from PTSD. Other adults just feel that something is missing and they want to find happiness and satisfaction in life. In all cases, the earlier you see us the sooner you will see the internal battle easing and the life you want unfolding before you.


myLife Psychologists can help nurture relationships in distress, whether it is from communication breakdowns, marital stress, coping with infertility or the uncertainty of common rules in a new environment, we can open a space where you can have constructive and enlightening conversations to discover understanding and appreciation.

Meet Our Team

Each of the trained clinical psychologists at myLife Psychologists completed post-graduate studies to achieve excellence in their fields. Further to this they have undertaken and continue to undertake additional studies to specialise in areas of different therapy approaches to deliver the highest possible standard of care.

Tal Schlosser

Tal is a highly experienced clinical therapist specialising in couples and relationship therapy which includes coping with natal and postnatal depression as well as a wide range of anxiety issues.

Dr Alex Sheffield

Dr Sheffield works at healing anxiety around eating disorders and associated weight issues as well as helping ease depression and anxiety. Most of her work is with adolescents, who often exhibit complex challenges where a genuine, caring approach is required.

Shamila Kumara

Shamila specialises in helping to overcome addictions and substance abuse as well as trauma recovery, anxiety and mood disorders. She focuses on creating a safe and open space that is warm and accepting.

Grace Kouvelis

Grace is committed to supporting clients who are experiencing significant change and turmoil. Much of her work is with teens and young adults, who are struggling with life-altering events.

Sally Crowe

Sally specialises in helping people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. She also has treatment plans that target self-esteem issues, substance abuse and addictions to get you back to your best self.

Alexander Svenson

Alex finds it especially rewarding to assist people to overcome anxiety. He knows how confronting it can be in a new environment which is why he is able to work outside the office to find a setting you know and trust to help make the sessions effective and rewarding.

Lily Austin

No psychology practice can run smoothly without a practice manager. Lilly is our warm welcome on arrival as well as the person you’ll be making your enquiries to and booking your sessions at myLife Psychologists. She can support you and assist with any requests.

Areas of Specialty

All instances of distress are valid reasons to seek help. myLife Psychology is here for you no matter how big or small your issue may seem to be. You deserve a professional ear and genuine advice on what steps to take to improve your situation and see amazing results for yourself. We open our doors to Surry Hills residents to see change in a wide range of areas that include, but are by no means limited to, the following specialities:

    • Eating disorders
    • Depression
    • Severe anxiety
    • Worry and generalised anxiety
    • Adjustment to life transitions
    • Insomnia
    • Stress
    • Anger
    • Health anxiety
    • Bipolar disorder

If you are in need of mental health and wellbeing services close to Surry Hills, give myLife Psychologists a call and have a chat about how we can assist you. We will work together to find a solution that meets your needs, operating with absolute discretion and confidentiality for peace of mind and real results. Phone our office on 0415 460 830 to get started.