Relationship therapy at myLife Psychologists is provided by highly trained and experienced clinical psychologists that have undertaken additional training in couples counselling, and who are committed to guiding and supporting couples to build a strong and loving connection with each other.

While there are many similar features amongst all relationships, there are also unique challenges and benefits with same sex relationships.  Our couples therapists are sensitive to these issues and are committed to providing effective and respectful care to our LGBT+ clients.

Couples in distress are often experiencing high levels of anger, resentment, fear, hurt and mistrust. We understand the importance of feeling safe and supported to work through sensitive relationship issues, and that you need to feel confident that your therapist is using a proven approach.

Areas of focus for couples include but are not limited to:

  • Improving communication, connection and intimacy
  • Reducing conflict and misunderstandings
  • Expressing needs clearly in a way that brings your partner towards rather than away from you
  • Building safety and security to weather difficult times
  • Recovering from relationship injuries such as affairs
  • Improving intimacy and the sexual relationship
  • Managing sexual problems (e.g. mis-matched libido/desire and other sexual issues such as sexual pain, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation).

For those experiencing ambivalence about their relationship, couples counselling can also help partners clarify uncertainty and to manage separation in a way that fosters positive relationships (e.g. parenting).

We offer week-day appointments, including after-hours, in our Alexandria consultation rooms. We work with clients from Surry Hills, Newtown, Redfern and throughout the inner city region.

Learn more about our approach and what to what to expect from your treatment. If you would like more information or to book an appointment with one of our clinical psychologists, contact us.

Gay & Lesbian Couples Counselling

Same sex couples, like all couples, deserve to receive effective, tailored, and research-based therapy to strengthen their relationship and emotional bond. Going to couples therapy can feel daunting, and like all couples, gay and lesbian partners need to feel that their therapist is respectful, empathic and non-judgmental. While all significant relationships share many similar features, […]

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