We offer week-day appointments, including after-hours, in our Sydney CBD and Alexandria consultation rooms. We work clients from Surry Hills, Newtown, Redfern and throughout the inner city region.

Utilising our expertise in scientifically validated therapeutic approaches we work collaboratively with couples to develop an individualised treatment plan to achieve their goals. We strive to provide a warm and friendly environment where our clients feel safe and comfortable.

With over 10 years professional experience our clinical psychologists have helped many couples improve their relationships, rebuild connection and develop skills to resolve conflict and improve communication. Couples counselling can also help partners clarify uncertainty or ambivalence about their relationship, heal wounds and function more effectively as a team.

Relationship distress is often the result of:

  • Poor communication and difficulty resolving conflict;
  • Work, family or financial stressors;
  • Different approaches to parenting, lifestyle or finances;
  • Infidelity;
  • Limited quality time together;
  • Sexual incompatibility;
  • Different relationship values and goals.

Our psychologists can help couples make changes in these areas to develop greater relationship satisfaction. We use evidence-based approaches to assist couples who are in significant distress or are considering separation, as well as couples with less entrenched problems who would like to enhance the quality of their relationship. We work with same-sex couples and heterosexual couples to achieve their relationship goals.

Feel free to contact us regarding any issues that aren’t listed as our clinical psychologists have a broad range of relevant experience and training.

Learn more about our approach and what to what to expect from your treatment.