Your Local Psychologists Near Redfern

No matter what your struggle is, the dedicated clinicians at myLife Psychologists are here to help you improve your situation and nurture your mental health. We focus on delivering scientifically proven therapies to anyone in Redfern to help individuals, teens and couples overcome challenges and see real results.

Every person is different which is why our certified clinical psychologists will never try to apply a one-size-fits-all approach. We dedicate our first session to really getting to know your needs and creating an individually tailored plan that fits your personality and your situation. As you progress and see results, our tailormade plan will progress with you so we can continue to match our support and guidance with your priorities.

We only use internationally recognised therapies that are evidence-based and gentle so you always feel safe, supported and valued speaking with our master’s degree and doctorate specialists. We respect your privacy, and your wishes and honour the patient confidentiality code so that you are in control at all times as we work towards a lasting solution.

How To Reach myLife Psychologists From Redfern

Alexandria Office

Suite 28, 112 McEvoy Street Alexandria

Our office is located in the ‘Expo’ building on McEvoy Street, close to the Fountain Street intersection.

It’s only a five-minute drive from Redfern, roughly two kilometres, or if you want to get some exercise, you can put on your walking shoes to reach us with a gentle 25-minute walk.

There is ample parking around the expo building itself, however, there is also dedicated parking at 21 Fountain Street if needed for $3 an hour.

For the greatest convenience park in the ​​Sub-Station Cafe car park which offers the closest entrance to our offices.

If you are taking public transport the 306 and 308 “Marrickville Metro” and the 309 bus routes run from Redfern to McEvoy Street. From there myLife Psychology is only a short walk away.

Who We Help

myLife Psychologists offer a diverse range of health and wellbeing services to people of all ages in the Redfern area. In every case we match our skills and specialty training to the needs of the person in front of us, to offer a solution based plan you can have confidence in. We have the qualified skills and experience to provide tailored therapy sessions to:


Behavioural upsets with a child affect the whole family. Rather than feeling like something is broken, come to us for support to clarify the issue and get systems in place that work to ease the strain on your family and see smiling faces again. Our child clinicians are specifically trained to work with kids and families to unlock the big issues under the tantrums, nightmares or bullying and set things straight.


While most parents understand that teenagers can be moody, nobody wants to see their child distressed, anxious, depressed or bullied. Unfortunately getting your adolescent to open up about what they are experiencing can be tough. Leave them in our safe hands to offer understanding and genuine support that is solution-based, so they feel empowered and capable to take action and see lasting benefits.


Life has its ups and downs and big changes can be overwhelming for any individual. Getting on top of addictions, coping with the loss of a loved one or feeling stressed about work, relationships or socialising can all be debilitating if you have no one who can offer practical and proven solutions. No matter what personal challenge you are facing, myLife Psychologists offer assistance to get unstuck and power forward into a better life of happiness and success.


We offer relationship therapy to help distressed couples reconnect as well as adapt to changes they are facing such as getting married, moving in together or starting a family. All myLife Psychologists clinical professionals working with couples have undertaken additional couples counselling to successfully open a space of trust and honesty to allow new perspectives and healing.

Meet Our Team

Every one of the myLife Psychologists team has completed post-graduate studies to obtain the highest level of education for quality care and dedication to finding the solution that fits your needs. Our specialist clinical psychology team includes:

Tal Schlosser

Tal is an expert in Emotion-Focused Therapy and mental health science and specialises in couples therapy and relationships, coping with pregnancy and post-pregnancy and soothing anxiety and worry.

Dr Alex Sheffield

Specialising in eating disorders, depression and anxiety, Dr Sheffield understands how to assist adolescents and help when multiple and complex issues arise.

Alexander Svenson

Alexander works especially well in resolving corporate and financial stress. He is passionate about helping people through difficult periods to ease depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Sally Crowe

Dedicated to helping people with substance abuse and addictions, self-esteem issues, and moving on from grief and loss.

Grace Kouvelis

Supporting clients through stressful events and life transitions particularly teens and young adults.

Shamila Kumara

Shamila uses a warm and genuine approach to create a judgement-free space for sharing and discovery. She specialises in trauma recovery, anxiety and mood disorders as well as overcoming perfectionism and addictions.

Lily Austin

Lilly is our dedicated practice manager. She is on hand to take your calls, book your appointments and welcome you to our myLife Psychologists office in Alexandria.

Areas of Specialty

People reach out to myLife Psychologists services for all types of reasons that are unique to their circumstances. No matter what you are facing, it’s important to know you can ask for help and have professional, helpful and trustworthy advice that will see a positive change for you and the people around you.

Our clinical psychologists are trained in multiple, proven techniques to assist you no matter what you are facing. Some of our specialty areas include:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anger
  • Eating disorders
  • Adjustment to life transitions
  • Stress
  • Health anxiety
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Worry and generalised anxiety

myLife Psychologists offer an open and supportive space for anyone in Redfern, from individuals to couples, to speak honestly and look to the future with optimism and resolution. For any questions or to schedule an appointment, phone 0415 460 830.