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What should I expect on my first visit?

We understand that seeing a psychologist for the first time can feel daunting, so our priority initially is ensure our clients feel comfortable. During your initial session your psychologist will try to get a good understanding of your concerns and your goals for therapy. Your psychologist will provide feedback and recommendations for the treatment approaches that are likely to be effective and the number of sessions you might require to see improvements. We understand the importance of ‘fit’, so you will have opportunities to ask questions and determine whether your psychologist is right for you. Some clients feel ready to make another appointment at the end of the first consultation, and others prefer to think about it. Our goal is that you leave the appointment feeling respected and understood, with a good idea of what your therapy options are and a sense of confidence in your psychologist’s ability to help you make positive changes.

What to expect from therapy?

At MyLife Psychologists your therapy will be:

Active & Practical

Just listening is not enough. After getting a good understanding of your concerns, your psychologist will come to a shared understanding of the underlying causes and factors contributing to your difficulties. A suitable treatment plan will be developed to assist you to overcome or manage your difficulties more effectively to achieve your goals. Your psychologist will guide you through practical techniques where appropriate, and will give you strategies to use between sessions in your every-day life so that you can manage issues as they arise.

Brief & time-limited

Therapy is usually 5 to 15 sessions, though a simple issue may take only a few sessions and more complex issues can take longer. The time frame is up to you and depends partly on your goals. Your psychologist will come up with a flexible plan that you are comfortable with.

Evidence based

We only offer treatment approaches backed by research and conclusively shown to be effective.

Focused on the “here-and-now”

Your sessions will primarily focus on the present, and exploration of ways in which the past has affected your current situation will occur when this is relevant.


Your privacy is of the highest importance and our psychologists abide by the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Charter for Clients.

Nonjudgmental & compassionate

We understand that seeking help can be challenging and we have built our reputation on our warm and professional approach.

What are your fees?

MyLife’s fees and rebates are consistent with current Medicare and Australian Psychological Society guidelines, and rebates are available for all our psychologists. Please contact us to find out more about your specific situation and what you will need to claim a rebate.

How long is a session?

Individual consultations with a psychologist last between 50 and 60 minutes. The initial consultation for couples can be 60 or 90 minutes, with subsequent sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

Our psychologists are committed to ensuring that the therapy we provide is effective and specifically tailored to your needs. This means there are no “hard and fast” rules regarding the length of treatment, so it will largely be determined by the nature of your concerns. Your psychologist will discuss this with you at your first appointment and together you will decide on a plan that you are comfortable with. It is common for clients to attend between 5 and 15 sessions, with some requiring less sessions and others more if they are experiencing more complex or longer standing difficulties.